EHSQ software: 3 preconceived notions

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Performance improvement, risks reduction, customers satisfaction are all ESHQ missions that go hand in hand with software, dematerialization and investment. And in these fields, there are still some common preconceived notions. Let’s have a brief overview.


Digitize, sure why not! But you need to have very good computing skills...
My IT department is already overloaded....
I have neither the skills nor the resources to do it,...

Digital as well as QHSE, it is EVERYBODY’S BUSINESS.

Digitization only works if all interested parties are involved. The EHSQ department service is primarily concerned, of course! But also employees and certainly subcontractors, customers, partners.... Indeed, there cannot be a part of your organization digitized and another part still on paper or office-type tools, although requiring office files and emails exchanges.

Besides, being an EHSQ professional is beneficial for you as you will be a key player in your company.Indeed, you perfectly know your organization and its processes! You have all the assets you need to succeed in this mission. And the good news is that solutions exist to help you.

In 2019, digitizing no longer means computer code. Software is developed and designed for your business. They provide practical answers to make your daily life easier. This is far from the very generic use of a spreadsheet, for instance. Choosing a dedicated solution also means benefiting from associated services. (Generally) the editor will have their teams configure the software and adapt it perfectly to their processes and ways of working. And if your IT department wants to take part in the digitization of your company, just give them access to the platform and configuration functions!

A word of advice, make sure that the solution allows the creation of unlimited nominative access.

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As an EHSQ manager, you are not expected to spend the whole day in your office, looking at your computer screen!

An EHSQ professional is a field person.

However, many companies still use traditional office tools (audits for instance)... with inevitable double entries when you return to your workstation and ultimately a loss of productivity. We are in 2019, it is now possible to keep all your quality controls up to date, carry out safety audits while traveling or even fill in non-compliance using a tablet or a smartphone.

Current solutions combine computer and mobile solutions. The user can always switch from one support to another. Usual acquired reflexes on office tools will come back soon enough since these forms are transposed into the solution.

Sure, but what if it was on a construction site, in a factory or a field without WIFI or 4G / 3G connection (and Edge if it still exists!) ? The good news is that we are ALSO in 2019 and technology has evolved in recent years. It is now possible to use your business application even without the Internet.It's called offline mode. Everything synchronizes as if by magic as soon as you get an internet connection, without having to install anything on your device. Finally, some publishers go even further in the user experience by offering native applications accessible on Android or iOS.

Very practical to put an end to tedious re-entries.


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In view of the direct and indirect financial consequences of an incident or accident....
In view of the decline in your company's turnover put at risk by a digitized competitor or a startup that is shaking up the market....
If you think about it, budget shall not be a drag.

Moreover, “"software" no longer means "custom development" that quickly becomes obsolete,latent costs such as the purchase of servers, licenses per computer, annual maintenance or solicitation of the publisher for the slightest modification... We are in 2019, SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) is becoming the norm and there are many benefits to it. The software is accessible from an Internet browser, after subscription, depending on how you use it!There’s no need to take the "Full Option" all at once (see article on the two schools of HSE digitization). The subscription generally includes configuration, training and associated services. The budget is therefore under control

The pursuit of performance, of zero accidents and risk management are fundamental missions for the company. And to help you, it is essential to rely on the latest innovations in this field. Digital is your best ally.


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