What if you only need one tool to optimize your Quality and EHS system?

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As regulatory expectations keep increasing and number of clients keep growing, the quality, Health, Safety and Environment services can be quickly outflanked by the number of tools to implement to deal with it. But what if you actually only need one performing tool to get it right?

The certifications are expanding in all subjects (Quality and EHS, energy, sustainable development, food security, etc.) as well as in all areas (civil engineering, industry, feed and food, etc.) meaning that you face ever growing number of clients expectations.

The Quality and EHS services are therefore found in the front line. Generally, they are the ultimate responsible for compliance with complex specificationsbecause It may results significant action plans, a great number of non-compliances as well as numerous clients complaints and audits they're able to handle.


This situation quickly becomes such a nightmare with traditional management softwares.


Tedious work poorly secured.


Too many spreadsheets or overloaded ones are such issues among others. You can’t link the spreadsheets together either, preventing you to highlight the essential data because it is usually unintelligible. Sometimes it is impossible to analyze the contents without creating yet another spreadsheet.

The application forms must be converted into PDFfiled in order to guarantee the security of the information which they hold (restricted modifications). The non-compliances will be sometimes managed in the ERP. And the follow-up of the workplace injuries in the HRIS….

From all of these tools (whose list is not-exhaustive)result a significant amount work in terms of input and analysis in a long run, as it is not flexible nor fully customizable either to adapt with devices but computers.As a consequence, the users need to print the forms when it comes to using it out of the office.


Especially in this regards, It is then difficult to prepare an Executive Committee in just a few clicks.


Devices multiplication : how to fix it?

At a time when digital media is at the state of the art, the most is to digitalize your whole processes. We believe that 100% digitalization is the only solution to hold your own when it comes to process optimization.But be careful ! Fitting your company with numbers of digital tools would bring you back facing the same issues. Therefore we recommend to use a single tool to manage as much as Quality and EHS issues as possible with an integrated solution interconnecting your different business modules.

A holistic tool means pulling down the time for data entry, reducing delay of treatment, lower the number of forms…But it also gives you more time and offers you new opportunities including better analysis, easier way to provide and spread information.…

Forthcoming … Quality and EHS files would be up to date, allowing you to focus on the main improvement areas required towardsreaching the stated objectives defined by the strategy of the company.


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