Aim for a culture and a ​global HSE  approach​​ with a digital system

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Every company has a culture that plays an important role in its success. This is the case in HSE,in which there can be no sustainable progress without developing a true HSE culture. Here too, digital technology can be a real "facilitator"...   

Culture is expressed through traditions in the company, values and beliefs of employees about themselves and their colleagues who  unconsciously guide the activities of each one through shared certainties, group norms and paradigms (affirmations acquired that we do not question anymore).

The culture is built little by little and in time becomes DNA of the company. If we consider that the culture defines what is encouraged, discouraged, accepted or rejected by the group, it explains  the daily HSE actions of the managers  and employees in the company. The HSE culture is at the heart of the HSE   management system as shown in the graph below. 

There can therefore be no sustainable progress in the different areas of HSE  (hot work, work at height, machine safety, lockout, fire protection, wastewater, site access, excavation,  etc.) without any action on the HSE  culture of the company. 

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Spreading culture through digital technology

Paradoxically, transforming the       company's HSE culture is easier  thanks to digital technology. Indeed, it  allows the employee to broadcast the right security protocol in the right place and at the right time on his  smartphone or tablet for example.           .

Only the necessary information appears to him because it is   geolocated and in permanent link with  the centralized information of the  company. 

Conversely, the employee can easily  declare an HSE non-compliance or an incident for example by voice on his   smartphone by associating it with a  photo. He knows that immediately  this information will be treated in a  benevolent way by his company's HSE service for his own protection, that of  his colleagues, of the organization as  a whole with the stakeholders that are  the subcontractors, customers and  visitors. 



Digital, a strong signal from EHS culture

The employee receives the strong           message, with a smartphone and a digital app in his hands, that the  primary value of his company is his HSE culture. This is an extremely  positive message for the quality of the  work, the work climate in the  company, which ultimately results in innovations and productivity gains that improve the overall performance  of the company. 



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