Why digitize EHSQ processes?

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There is no single definition of digital transformation. Indeed, it all depends on the company’s context. Therefore, the real issue is to identify the reasons why we need to implement it. Here are some answers that you might find helpful as an EHSQ professional.


Ever heard of ATAWAD?

Because people and objects are now all interconnected and interacting very easily and efficiently with each other through the Web.

The ATAWAD (Any time, anywhere, any device) symbolizes that. People have the ability to connect from anywhere, at any time, using whatever device. Employees do it outside the company for a better quality of life, they should be able to do it with and within your company for better work performance. And even more so in the EHSQ field which implies work in the field, unlike accounting, for example.


4 reasons why you should to digitize your company

1- To break a vicious cycle.

Indeed, the less you digitize, the more paperwork and Excel files you have, the more files and paperwork you have and the less time you will have to digitize... The digital tool shares data between employees. Its purpose? Relieve you of the tasks assigned to your pilots for real-time monitoring.


2- The challenge of proactiveness.

Performance in EHSQ management is essential. Proactiveness is necessary to respond quickly and effectively to your customers, subcontractors, suppliers and production processes. In order for this to happen, it is necessary to integrate all these parts into the digital tool. centralize information in order to be agile and proactive.


3- A revolution that’s a must for pre-digital companies.

And woe to those who try to avoid it and want to limit it to the minimum by digitizing only some external processes such as marketing, communication and sales (new website, web marketing, e-commerce site).


4- A key competitive advantage.

In regard of the existing competition and the new disruptive actors that could take over. Otherwise the risk for some "prehistoric dinosaurs" (pre-digital companies...) is clearly the same that the dinosaurs encountered... disappear over time.


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Transform, sure, but for what results?


Digital transformation consists in dematerializing the WHOLE company, i.e. all the internal processes (production and production support activities) and external processes managing relations with customers, suppliers and subcontractors. It has a positive impact at all levels of the company.


  • Employees work directly in the field using tablets and smartphones. They fill out their forms in real time. The report is automatically generated and sent to all departments concerned (including the EHSQ department).
  • A statistical tool ensures optimal use of the indicators. The result is automated reports for management reviews. This makes it easier for managers to make strategic decisions. The EHSQ department has dashboards for real-time middle management. 
  • Another example: the quality monitoring of your suppliers and subcontractors is done in real time, as are customer feedback.

ESHQ digitization: what are the priorities?


Digital technology improves the efficiency of the company's operational processes, so it is necessary to seek this digitalization to be competitive. Sure, but where do we start?

If this has not been done yet, it may be relevant to address Document Management. All companies have procedures, instructions, registrations. Electronic Document Management (EDM) structures your organization. The monitoring of the document life cycle is managed electronically. An EDM generates (workflows) alerts when the document needs to be revised. The organization of your EDM ensures a better management of versioning.

Audits, investigations or inspections where time savings are quickly visible are other areas for improvement. You will be able to create grids and forms directly using a digital tool accessible via tablet or smartphone. The audit reports are then automated and enhanced with photos, without the manipulations that we have all encountered on office automation tools (file size, layout issues...). In the best case, a disconnected or "offline" mode provides additional working comfort in dead zones for example. Data is automatically synchronized as soon as access to the Internet network is restored.

The benefits are also obvious for Non-Conformities and Claims.

EHSQ digitization is essential. This evolution requires the top management’s awareness above all. The stakes are high...as are the results. As an EHSQ manager, your role is therefore to anticipate this inevitable digital transformation for the company, to set up this digitization and to support the resulting change, particularly in the work organization (collaborative management).


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