Quality and HSE Manager, why choose digitalization?

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Digital transformation improves the efficiency of the company's business processes, so you need to implement digitalization to be competitive. OK, but what is the scope and where do you start when you are in a EHSQ service?

Digital transformation is the dematerialization of ALL the company, that is to say, all these internal (production and support activities for this production) and external processes managing relationship with customers, suppliers and subcontractors... Providing EHSQ services, you cannot escape it.

Pre-digital companies will have to undergo this inescapable revolution. And woe to those who try to escape and want to be content with the minimum while digitizing only certain external processes such as marketing, communication and sales, for example.

This applies to BtoB, as well as BtoC and to any other sector (industry, services, health, public). Why is that? Because people and objects are now interconnected and interact very easily and efficiently with each other through the Web. ATAWAD (Anytime, anywhere, any device) symbolizes it. Stay connected whatever the place, the moment, the support / terminal used is... A practice that is now part of our daily life and which has become essential in professional contexts.

Digitalizing EHSQ processes, What are the impacts?

Digitization is replacing the previous traditional solution, which no longer exists (use of paper or even office tools). It impacts all processes regardless of the number of employees involved. All hierarchical levels are affected. From the teams in the field in charge of collecting information and reporting incidents, the intermediate management who follows the activity via dashboards and sets up action plans, to the leader who must make strategic decisions based on analysis reports.

Digital transformation areas are numerous in the QEHSQ field (phytosanitary check in the fields, patient satisfaction survey in health institutions, safety and health inspections in the workplace...). Therefore, it's best to start with a process and to fully achieve its digital transformation.

As a EHSQ manager, your role is to anticipate this inevitable digital transformation for the company, to implement it and to support the resulting change in the workplace organization (collaborative management).

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