Social housing: And if quality of service also passed through the digitization of processes

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While digital is already contributing to the challenges faced by social housing stakeholders, some areas of transformation are still to be explored for potentially more obvious returns on investment. This is particularly true of the digitization of quality processes.

For example the social housing sector now represents in France more than 740 public housing organizations employing 82,000 people. The sector alone accounts for 4.8 million rental units *. The major challenge for its players is to meet the growing demand for housing while meeting the needs of social mix, adapting housing to an aging population or the imperatives of sustainable development. A daily bet for the players who must also ensure a continuous quality of service to the tenants.

Websites, intranet portals for tenants, rental demand management, etc. Digital technology allows to multiply interactions between social landlords and their publics. It is a vector of communication and a support for a closer relationship with tenants. However, the digital contribution remains mainly focused on tenant and relatively little in-house or on processes of the organization. Indeed, the latter may be transformed for more profitable and beneficial quality of service.

"Dematerializing a quality tracking process for claims processing can retain a significant amount of money in operating costs."
Dematerializing a tracking quality process of claims processing can allow a significant saving on its operating cost. Digitizing satisfaction surveys or carrying out apartment inventories and field audits while meeting mobility constraints saves double entries and increases productivity (pre-filled reports, email distribution, etc.). The same applies to the quality control of equipment (lifts / playgrounds / fire protection ...). Moreover, once these dematerialized processes, it is possible to ensure a real-time follow-up of actions through a global action plan.
Transformation territories are numerous and returns on investment are potentially more obvious. Actors like BlueKanGo have understood this for a while. Their solution in SaaS mode makes it possible to digitize quality and HSE processes and more at a lower cost by adapting perfectly to the context of each social landlord. And the quality department is not the only one concerned. The solution integrates an application building workshop. It allows to digitize all types of processes (expense reports, fleet management ...). Digitalization of processes, an emerging trend now accessible to social landlords.
* Source: HLM in figures
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