Health Facility: Digitizing quality and risk management, sure but what for?


The contributions of digital are no longer confined to a trade or a service. This transformation must be thought globally at the facility level. Here are concrete benefits of this (r)evolution for agents and staff, Quality unit and even the executive management.

For agents and field staff

At the bedside of a patient or in the situation of mobility, digital transforms the relationship of operational teams in their management of quality and patient safety.Regardless of where a caregiver is in the facility, he or she should be able to consult the appropriate work and safety protocols and report events through ergonomic access via tablets & smartphones and the latest associated technologies such as geolocation, video, photo, or dictation. This data collection can even be done automatically via connected objects and sensorsthroughout the facility allowing teams to save time.


For the Quality Risk Management Unit

For the Quality and Risks Department, it is the certainty of knowing in real time what is happening everywhere in the field with indicators and statistics and alerts triggeredautomatically on predefined thresholds and ceilings.The Quality and Risks team then pilots a single, global EHSQ action plan, even more relevant as it will be led to manage multi-site groupings, for example in the MHT (Mobile Health Teams) context in the public sector or groups of private clinics.

For the Executive Management

For the Executive Management, strategic decision-making will become easier because the activity reports will be recorded in real time with the work of the operational staff in the field and the actions of the Quality and Risk Management. Management review decisions will also be strengthened in the near future by predictive risk analysis provided by AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms that scan hundreds of millions of pieces of health data.

The digital also turns the patient and his entourage into risk management actors of the Hospital, they can report from their personal smartphones, just like the staff of the facility, directly in the digital tools of the Quality and risk management department.

These accesses, well beyond satisfaction or exit survey, will allow better exchanges between users of the Hospital and its staff.


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