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Why this blog?


The Blog published by BlueKanGo is intended for Quality and EHS professionals. The objective is to evaluate, comment and discuss methods and tools used for:

- Occupational health and safety risks

- Risk management (non-conformities, malfunctions ...)

- Quality of work life

- Environmental Management

- Management of audits, surveys, inspections, controls...

EHSQ experts, either from BlueKanGo or externals, will be sharing their expertise posting articles on the blog, about matters of the Environment, Health, Safety and Quality function .


About BlueKanGo

BlueKanGo is a software dedicated to strategic performance and EHS and Quality Management focusing on Environment, Health, Safety and Quality (EHSQ) and Human Resources services. We’ve worked with more than 3,200 clients, private and public organizations from many different sectors and our service is used by more than 1.3 million users.

Our activity expands through many fields (health, industry, communities …) in France as well as at the international stage. A network of 50 field consultants and their dedicated E-Learning platform are providing the training of the users. Considered since its creation in 2002 as a company with a high growth potential by the French public authorities, BlueKanGo has been part of the BPI France  financing system since 2008.

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